Freelance Writing: Pro or Con

There are so many pros and cons to freelance writing. Clearly, the flexibility (pro!) is a plus although the pay is not always great (con!). Sometimes the jobs are steadier than others and sometimes they are few and far between (both). When I do have multiple assignments, they keep me from working on my writing (con!). However, those deadlines keep me at the keyboard when it’s so easy to find distractions (definitely pro!). Truthfully, one of my favorite pros to freelance writing is when you find the subject matter interesting and thought-provoking. My latest assignment on kids and sports injuries has been that kind of story – especially since I have kids that play sports. The truth is, the world of youth sports has changed in recent years and not all of it is necessarily for the good. Yes, more kids play sports than ever (this part is good). But more kids get injured, too. I’m not talking about bumps, bruises, or even broken arms. Those types of injuries are a part of childhood, whether on the playground or on the playing field. But knee injuries (of the ACL type), overuse injuries (tommyjohn surgery?), and concussions are on the rise in children as young as elementary school. While I know a few families who’ve dealt with these issues, until I began researching, I didn’t realize how widespread it had become. Obviously, some of this has to do with better diagnoses but not all. In fact, some of these types of injuries were virtually unheard of in young kids until the specialization and commercialization of youth sports. Hmmm. I know there are many coaches and parents who would say the benefits are worth it and kids are more talented than ever. And perhaps they’re right. I only know I prefer my kids to play multiple sports until they are in high school. Then again, maybe mine just don’t scream professional athlete or college scholarship like other kids. Either way, the subject is loaded and I could have written far more than the word limit assigned by my editor. When it comes to freelancing, these are the types of jobs I like!

Unfortunately, when I send the article off to my editor later this week, that will create just enough free time in my schedule to begin obsessing about A GUILTY MIND. As of now, the editor I hired to review my manuscript has had it in hand for a couple of weeks and I expect it back any day now. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I hope it doesn’t require massive amounts of work. But if it does, so be it. In anticipation of this, I’m scaling back my freelance writing temporarily so I can focus on getting my novel published and making it the best it can be. Still aiming for late Spring publication…so, how is your writing going?

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