Formatting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

As I attempt to format my novel for CreateSpace, I’m wondering if I need an autosave function in my Word files…so many changes and uh, mistakes. Of course, I have a version of my file that is “clean” and edited BUT it is not formatted appropriately for publication. I know it shouldn’t be a difficult process. Many have done it before me. If only it were that easy.

After editing A GUILTY MIND, I decided to begin the formatting process for both a paperback (using Createspace) and an e-book (using Amazon). I had a basic idea of what I was doing after reading Self-Printed by Catherine Ryan Howard — basic being the operative word, however. I created files for both after incorporating all the changes from my editor and saved appropriately. Then, because I assumed the paperback formatting process would be more labor intensive, I thought I would tackle that one first. Whew – the process makes me feel alternately smart (“I got this”) and incredibly stupid (why oh why won’t my headers and footers work?). Then throw in whether you should use page breaks vs section breaks? Inside and Outside gutter margins? Serif and sans-serif fonts? Is your head spinning yet? And I haven’t even gotten to creating the PDF yet.

At any rate, I’m getting through it – although slowly. Even when I’m finished, I will probably find mistakes that will require correction but I can’t dwell on that now. The good news is there are sources out there to help you. Since I have no desire to reinvent the wheel with my own step-by-step tips, I’ve listed a few sources that have been very informative and will hopefully help you.

I believe I’m nearly there (probably foolishly) and will move on to the next step soon. I just need a new bottle of Advil first.

How’s your book going?

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