Even More on Manuscript Editing

Just a quick update on manuscript editing as I believe it is so essential to publishing – no matter whether you are going with the traditional or entrepreneurial approach.

To help you find your perfect editor, here are a few articles that may give you some ideas in what to look for:

Below is an updated list of Manuscript Editor Services from well-established to fairly new. Take a look and see if one of these works for you. As always, this post will remain available by clicking Editing Services on my site.

A. Victoria Mixon http://victoriamixon.com/editing-services/
Alan Rinzler http://alanrinzler.com/services.html
Amanda Rooker Editing http://www.amandarooker.com/
Anna Genoese http://www.annagenoese.com/
Arrowsmith Freelance Editing https://www.facebook.com/ArrowsmithFreelanceEditing
BookBuster http://marcysbookbuster.wordpress.com/bookbuster-services/
Carrie Cantor Independent Book Editor http://carriecantor.com/
Cassandra Brown http://www.editorcassandra.com/
Claire Wingfield http://www.clairewingfield.co.uk/
Cranky Editor http://www.crankyeditor.com/editing/
Dana Rae Pomeroy danarae@charter.net
Desert Sage Freelance Editorial Services http://www.desertsagebookeditor.com/
Donna Ferrier http://donnaferrier.com/
Fearless Literary http://www.fearlessbooks.com/Critiques.html
Georganna Hancock http://www.writers-edge.info/
Greenleaf Literary Services http://greenleafliteraryservices.com/
H&J Book Manuscript Consultancy AdeleDH@aol.com
Jodie Renner http://www.jodierennerediting.com/
Karl Monger http://www.karlmonger.com/
Katheros Editing http://www.katharosediting.com/
Kirkus Editorial https://www.kirkusreviews.com/author-services/editorial/book-editing/
KMH Editing http://www.kmhediting.com/Welcome.html
Laura Kelly http://www.editorlaurakelly.com/
Laurie Rosin http://www.thebookeditor.com/
Lisa Tener Book Writing Coach http://www.lisatener.com/
Lynette Labelle http://labelleseditorialservices.com/
Malone Editorial http://www.maloneeditorial.com/
My Editor Carol http://www.myeditorcarol.com/
Nancy Doherty http://nancyedoherty.wordpress.com/
New Leaf Editing http://www.newleafediting.com/
Precision Editing Group http://www.precisioneditinggroup.com/
Rebecca Faith Editorial http://rebeccafaitheditorial.com/
Scribendi http://www.scribendi.com/
Sheila Ashdown http://sheilaashdown.com/
Sigrid MacDonald Copy Editing and Critiques http://www.sigridmacdonald.blogspot.com/
Sterling Editing http://sterlingediting.com/
The Story Sensei http://storysensei.blogspot.com/
The Threepenny Editor http://www.threepennyeditor.com/
The Word Process http://thewordprocess.com/
The Unbridled Editor http://unbridlededitor.wordpress.com/rate-sheet/
Victory Editing http://www.victoryediting.com/
Writing 2 Sell http://www.writing2sell.com/critique.htm
Zebra Communications http://www.zebraeditor.com/how.shtml

Published by K.L. Murphy

Author of Her Sister's Death and The Detective Cancini Mysteries

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for listing me in your book editing list. That web address, though, is a really old one, and these days, people find me at donnaferrier.com. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Oh, BTW, I have a dog that eats things, too. 🙂 Most of the time she sticks to her toys, but I don’t dare leave my purse on the floor because she’ll get in it, pull something out, and eat it.

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