As an Author, Why I love Book Club

Book Clubs, especially since Oprah, drive not only book sales but an enduring love of books. After all, how many books have you read that you might not have otherwise if it weren’t for your book club? Sure, sometimes you don’t love the selection but other times, you find something really great and maybe even read others by that author. Maybe you decide to expand to other books in that genre. My own book club reads a wide variety of books although some clubs do stick to genre like romance or mystery. Either way, book clubs are about reading and finding great books. Okay, in the spirit of honesty, they are also about fun conversation, good snacks, and great wine but the reading part is important, too!!

So, since I love my own book club and the concept of book clubs in general, it was truly a thrill for me to have embarked on a Mini-Book Club tour this week. Tuesday night, I spoke at a local club that had chosen A Guilty Mind as their selection of the month. Hooray! It was so exciting for me to talk about the plot and the characters. I loved answering questions about the ending and where I got my ideas. What writer wouldn’t? Especially when the questions clearly showed the guests had read the book!! Hooray again!! Making it even better is knowing I have THREE more scheduled books clubs over the next few weeks. Personally, I would be overjoyed to keep doing them weekly. Of course, my family might get tired of take-out but not me. In celebration, I raise my glass in a toast to books and book clubs everywhere! May they be here forever!

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