Gifting Books is a Holiday Tradition

I can’t remember a holiday season when I didn’t find at least one book (or two or three) under the tree or in my stocking. My family knows how I feel about reading!But I also love to give books. So, because I am always racking my brain for great gifts (or at least ones that won’t result in eye rolling), I’m going to suggest a few books I’ve read recently that you may or may not want to add to your list. Not all of these books are brand new and they are a mixed bag of genres but I will offer them up anyway. (This is the first in a series of posts on books as gifts so whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, take a look, browse and don’t hesitate to send me your own recommendations!)

The Leopard by Joe NesboPicture 2

Let me start by saying I could not put this book down. Nesbo is a master writer in the crime thriller genre and I adore his Norwegian homicide detective, Harry Hole. A specialist in finding serial killers, Hole has run away to Hong Kong after the emotional and physical tolls of catching The Snowman (also a great book). Against his will (of course, doesn’t that goes without saying), he is pulled into another bizarre and brutal investigation in a series of connected murders. There are plenty of twists and turns and wonderful characters. If someone you know likes a fast-paced suspense, this is the book for them. However, beware Nesbo’s books do contain some graphic descriptions for readers who like their crime on the light side.

Picture 4Little 15 by Stephanie Saye

This book is by a writer I recently met online when I heard she (her book really) was banned from a book event. Really, I thought. Does this stuff still go on? Either way, it caught my eye and I read it. The book tells the story of Lauren Muchmore and her relationship with her high school basketball coach. What makes this book interesting and worth a read is that the book is told from the perspective and solely in the voice of the young girl, Lauren. You will be drawn into her thoughts and feelings and while you may be left wondering what could possibly have been going on in the heads of those around her, you will learn and understand her completely. Many have said this is a great book for a teenage girl or parent of a teenage girl and while the subject matter is certainly disturbing, it is handled thoughtfully and with compassion.

Little Bee by Chris ClivePicture 3

Yes, I know this novel has been a book club favorite for years but I just had the opportunity to read it last week. What drew me into this book was the psychological impact that guilt had on both the protagonists as well as the peripheral characters. As someone who writes psychological suspense, it was fascinating to see the way the guilt each of the characters carried shaped their choices and lives in both positive and negative ways. The writer does an excellent job in creating the voices of the two protagonists and weaving a story that will tug at your emotions.

Picture 5Who I Am by Pete Townshend

This book is for those who follow The Who or any reader who is fascinated by the rock world of the 60s and 70s. However, I will caution readers that while there are plenty of famous names sprinkled throughout the book, Townshend is a very introspective man. Unlike Keith Richards memoir, Life, this book doesn’t just confess crazy actions, travels, and wild events (although there are plenty of those, too). Who I Am truly tells the story of a man’s emotional issues and struggles including abuse that goes well beyond being just a story of music and fame.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, hopefully you can find something fun here to read. As I mentioned earlier, I’m eager for your recommendations, too, as I have many gifts to give. 

Happy Holiday Season!

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