A Writer of Many Genres: Guest Post by Vicki Taylor

Over the last year, I have written a few times about genres: how to define them, how to classify your own writing, and even what might happen when established authors try their hands at something new. I love reading and writing genre fiction which I believe is one of the greatest sources of entertainment ever created.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.54.48 PMVicki M. Taylor, the author of OUT FOR JUSTICE and GOOD INTENTIONS, writes dramatic fiction from more than one genre and often features strong, female characters.

Here’s what Vicki has to say about writing in more than one genre:

I do seem to collect genres as I write. I started out in Romance, and then moved on to Mystery and Suspense. I tried my hand at Science Fiction and Fantasy then wandered over to Women’s Fiction before finding my way to Romantic Suspense.

Is it because I haven’t found my true calling in writing? Heavens no. It’s because I love to write and will write whatever and however it comes out of my head. I just sit down at my computer and the words come out in the tone and style of the story that develops.

For example, I have written several Science Fiction/Fantasy novellas. One that has been published is Catch of the Season. It tells the tale of a lobster hunter who becomes the hunted. I got the idea for that story after watching a Red Lobster commercial. What a fun story to write and develop.

I have gone all-dramatic and written a Women’s Fiction novel, titled Good Intentions that I wrote after seeing a feature story in my local newspaper. I found the story of a woman of five children who took in a pregnant teenager to eventually adopt so compelling I had to learn more. What I did was contact the reporters who wrote the feature who eventually got me in contact with the person in the story and I was able to interview her for more details. The story screamed to be told at a higher level than a local newspaper but I knew it must be fictionalized. I delved deep into my soul for this story and it shows. The story is unforgettable.

I usually have to do a lot of research before writing too far into the story and that’s where the police, homicide detectives, crime scene technicians and the sort came into play when I wrote Out for Justice, a romantic suspense. Everyone was a great help and they helped set the tone of the story as very suspenseful. Finding a murderer who keeps on killing is difficult when the clues are few and far between. This story was actually a dream I had. I woke up, hurried to get pen and paper, wrote as much as I could before the morning blew away my memories. I never swayed from who the killer would be. I had the rookie homicide detective completely characterized right down to the details of her condo. The story wrote itself.

Currently, I’m jumping into a whole new genre – paranormal. It includes werewolves and vampires. Now, to say I’m a bit out of my element is saying a lot. I’m doing a ton of research for this book. To make it more fun, I’m co-writing it with a friend. He’s writing the werewolf and I’m writing the vampire scenes. So far, it’s working out very well.

The story chooses me. I don’t choose the story. I write what bubbles up from deep inside of me.  I find my style and tone adjust for whatever genre it turns out to be.

I just enjoy the ride. — Vicki M. Taylor

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Both novels were released in November of 2012 and can be found on Amazon in paperback or as an e-book.

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