Ongoing Debates: Book Reviews and Digital vs. Print

Today I have the honor of appearing on two blogs, both great resources for writers.

Gina’s Library is a big supporter of books and authors. She works with both individual authors  and organized book blog tours. That’s a big task and one that is sincerely appreciated.Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.32.17 AM

Today, I am appearing on her blog to answer the question about what an author is looking for in reviews. This has always been a hot topic but one that has heated up recently in light of Anne Rice’s facebook post regarding unfavorable comments on a reviewer’s blog. One of my favorite writers also weighed in with her thoughts (see here). Gina had already asked me to write on this topic, but with that as the backdrop (cue timing), I wrote a few comments on what reviews are and what we, as authors, should take from them. You can check out the post on Gina’s blog here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.31.37 AMI also had the pleasure of appearing on the publishing blog of DA Bale. She is the author of Running Into the Darkness and she is also an editor/formatter. She has an upcoming blog tour in June for her book and I’m looking forward to hosting her this summer. Because she is such a great source of information for writers, we continued the discussion on digital vs. print publishing. I discovered some interesting information when I looked into some digital sales at some major publishing houses. You can see my comments here.

If you get the chance, check out both sites and let me know what you think! Thanks to both great ladies for all their support.

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2 thoughts on “Ongoing Debates: Book Reviews and Digital vs. Print

  1. One of your favorite writers? Gosh, I’m honored (and blushing)! That is very sweet. And you are one busy lady! Congrats on all the guest post opportunities. Those are some very lucky bloggers (and readers!).

  2. Dina, thanks for coming by today. Of course, you’re one of my favorite writers. I’m not exaggerating when I say one of the best parts of blogging is meeting great people. It’s been fun to follow your blog and your book (which I loved).
    Yes, I have been busy and hope to keep it going!

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