Good Marketing Advice from David Gaughran

For many of us who have written only one or two books, we are still learning the ins and outs of publishing and marketing. The publishing part is fun. Seeing your book on Amazon and having people buy it and review it is gratifying. The marketing aspect is not so much. I’ve written in the past about some of my marketing experiences and tried to be honest about what has worked so far and what hasn’t. (See Is Advertising Part of Your Book-Selling Strategy?, More Book Marketing, Book Marketing 201, and Book Marketing 101 or Places to Start).

I will be the first to admit that there is always more to learn and I have made some mistakes. I have spent hours seeking reviewers. Sometimes it has been great. Other times, the hours were simply lost. I’ve paid for limited advertising but for the most part, it’s been a break-even experiment. I could go on… That’s one of the reasons I really loved David Gaughran’s blog today. I am posting the link below and hope you will check it out. He makes some excellent points.

Thanks, David!

If You Don’t Enjoy Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong.

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