A Paperback Writer and the Summer of Stephen King

Aren't they beautiful?
Aren’t they beautiful?

I am officially a paperback writer (don’t you just want to sing the Beatles tune right now?).  July 27th (Today!) is the paperback release date of A GUILTY MIND. The ebook was released June 14th, but today I’m a paperback writer. Sort of… I love looking at it. I love holding it. Ebooks are wonderful and I couldn’t live without my kindle, but what writer doesn’t love the physical being of his or her book? In more exciting news, STAY OF EXECUTION will be out in paperback on August 9th. What a fun few weeks!

Recently, my daughter and her best friend recommended I read Stephen King’s Detective Hodges trilogy (ooh…a detective series!). I’ve always loved the way he writes and last summer I couldn’t resist the sequel to THE SHINING, DOCTOR SLEEP.  I hadn’t read much else by him in the last few years other than ON WRITING but have always considered him one of the best writers and storytellers around, so I was excited to try something new. I’ve already finished two of the three books. Unless something spirals downward in book three, I’m hoping he decides to add to the series. It’s a winner! Since I was a teen, King has been one of the most reliable go-to writers out there. Can’t wait to see what he puts out next…

Summer reading is truly a guilty pleasure. Reading at the beach. Reading at the lake. It doesn’t matter where it is. If you’re doing it in the sun, you’re on vacation. It doesn’t get any better than that. Since I only have one Stephen King novel to go, I’m lining up a few more for the dog days of August. Liane Moriarity’s latest, TRULY MADLY GUILTY, is on the list. John Gilstrap’s FRIENDLY FIRE. Lisa Unger’s INK AND BONE. There are more, but I do have to work sometime!

The heat here in central Virginia has been brutal in recent weeks so here’s to lounging in the pooldrinks with a paperback in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Happy summer!

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