Favorite Line Fridays – The Nightingale

In this edition of Favorite Line Fridays, I’m going back to 2015’s THE NIGHTINGALE. the nightingaleI’m not sure I know anyone who read that lovely book and wasn’t a fan. It stayed with me long after I’d finished it and even now, I would happily read it again. Like so many other readers, I raced through it, falling in love with the characters and the story. More than that though, I found myself struck by how beautifully written it was. Throughout the book, there are dozens of exceptional lines (Bravo Kristin Hannah!) which makes it incredibly hard to pick just one favorite line, however… the mystery writer in me is driven to choose this one:

“It is easy to disappear when no one is looking at you.”

Throw that line into another type of novel and it might mean something completely different. Even so, the words would be no less powerful. They would still strike a chord with the reader and offer up a deep understanding of the character who would say them. For me, it’s a line to remember.


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