The Author Community: Mystery and Thriller Giveaway!

One of my favorite things about being a writer is the author community. It’s chock full of support and great advice and I never get tired of learning something new from another writer. All writers–no matter the genre–have one thing in common. They want to share their work with as many readers as possible. Through another writer, I recently learned about a wonderful site that lets readers try to win multiple books and discover as well as connect with new authors in the genre they love. Win win, right!!? This week, THE LAST SIN has been included in a giveaway for mystery/suspense and thriller readers. The giveaway ends tomorrow, so hurry to enter for a chance to win up to 32 ebooks! Yes, 32 ebooks!! There are two Grand Prize winners who will each take home 32 ebooks and 32 additional winners who will each receive one randomly selected ebook. To enter for your chance, GO HERE! Thank you, AuthorsAXP for such a brilliant idea!

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Published by K.L. Murphy

Author of Her Sister's Death and The Detective Cancini Mysteries

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