Favorite Line Fridays (On Wednesday!!!)

DSC meme“Regina had torn down the old house with its tin roof and charming porch and built–well, Lillian didn’t really know what it was. The outside was pink, the color of that horrible medicine. It had king-sized double doors, Mediterranean arches, and dozens and dozens of lights. They came on like clockwork every night, the glare blinding. She’d often thought it was a wonder they couldn’t see that house lit up clear to Charleston.” K.L. Murphy, “Burn”, DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM

If you’re looking for southern grit, strong leading ladies, and a dash of mystery, you must read the just released DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM. This fabulous anthology features eighteen stories from some of my favorite authors (and edited by the bestselling Mary Burton and Mary Miley). Of course, I’m thrilled my own story, “Burn”, is included in this great book from Sisters in Crime. DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM is available right now, so go grab your copy OR sign up for my newsletter to be entered to win a copy! I’ll announce the winner May 15th! Happy reading!

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