The Author Community: Mystery and Thriller Giveaway!

One of my favorite things about being a writer is the author community. It’s chock full of support and great advice and I never get tired of learning something new from another writer. All writers–no matter the genre–have one thing in common. They want to share their work with as many readers as possible. ThroughContinue reading “The Author Community: Mystery and Thriller Giveaway!”

Fake Reviews Be Gone…But at What Cost?

There are many out there who have challenged the number of reviews some books have received (see here). Since those allegations, many authors have come forward and admitted to getting “fake” reviews in order to sell books. Some “reviewers” built businesses based on publishing these reviews. The costs continued to rise but authors paid forContinue reading “Fake Reviews Be Gone…But at What Cost?”

An Award from a Friend

The greatest thing about blogging is the friends you make who share some of your same interests and passions. Another is being able to tell one of the friends you like what they do. I want to thank Yawatta Hosby for singling me out and giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. The rules areContinue reading “An Award from a Friend”

A little of this, a little of CreateSpace

Getting a manuscript ready for publishing is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not (unless, of course, you pay someone else to do it for you – not a bad idea now that I think about it). But what it really takes is patience (a lot), a large bottle of Advil, and theContinue reading “A little of this, a little of CreateSpace”

Amazon and the Great Big Wide World of Publishing

I recently read an article in a magazine lamenting the “defection” of a name author from traditional publishing to the industry killer, Amazon. Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly. No one referred to Amazon as a killer and the name author is not technically self-publishing but instead going with Amazon’s publishing arm, Thomas & Mercer. But theContinue reading “Amazon and the Great Big Wide World of Publishing”

Just a Quick Publishing Thought…

The good news is I am oh so close to announcing publication. Woohoo! But…unfortunately, the delay is more about Amazon getting pages linked and creating “Look Inside” features, etc. than the publication itself. Nothing more is required of me as they work out a few kinks. Amazon informs me one issue can take a fewContinue reading “Just a Quick Publishing Thought…”