Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?

I recently read the book, ONE SUMMER, by David Baldacci. Now, there are many reasons to admire and like Mr. Baldacci. Of course, he is a first class thriller writer and I have enjoyed his work since the stunning book, ABSOLUTE POWER.   I also liked the CAMEL CLUB series and the Sean King/Michelle Maxwell books.Continue reading “Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?”

Are Paperbacks Necessary?

Most writers know that 2011 was a fantastic year for self-published writers, particularly in the world of e-books. Amazon sold millions of Kindles and aggressively marketed their programs for self-publishers. More importantly, readers bought the books! Even the large publishing houses seemed to recognize the importance of e-books and undiscovered writers (the Amanda Hocking story).Continue reading “Are Paperbacks Necessary?”

Writing, Motivation, and Exercise

Sometimes, writing is like going to the gym. The end result is you feel great but getting there, whether to the gym or sitting with hands poised over the keyboard, is the hard part. It’s so easy to make excuses and believe me, I can come up with some doozies (even after I’ve exhausted theContinue reading “Writing, Motivation, and Exercise”

Straight to E-book?

I recently read a post from a writer that her next novel was going straight to e-book format. She believed this was good news for her readers and I can’t disagree. However, it was unclear to me whether this book was to be self-published or simply a strategy being used by her publishing company. ThisContinue reading “Straight to E-book?”

Waiting, waiting, and…still waiting

Sometimes it seems a writer’s job can be defined by the amount of waiting they seem to do. I’m not even sure it matters what kind of writing it is. A freelancer is always waiting for a response to their pitch, or to hear back from a source, or on the final edits. Fiction writersContinue reading “Waiting, waiting, and…still waiting”

Who Do You Write Like?

Recently, an agent asked me about the writing style of my psychological mystery, A GUILTY MIND, or more specifically, “Who did I write like?” This is a question I think many writers struggle with, particularly because we all think we’re unique. Still, I understood where he was coming from and I’d heard the question aContinue reading “Who Do You Write Like?”