Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!

Stay of Execution was released in early March with no more fanfare than a blog post, Facebook announcement, tweet, and a few emails to friends. I didn’t build up anticipation with a cover reveal or “almost here” posts. The truth is, I was consumed with getting the book published. And while I thought often of my marketingContinue reading “Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!”

Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)

Stay of Execution, the second Cancini mystery, is officially published. (Hooray!) Yes, it’s finally out there in the world and I could not be happier. Still, if I’m being totally honest, I’d hoped to write this post in 2013 (crazy in retrospect) but certainly in 2014. I had the storyline roughly plotted and thousands andContinue reading “Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)”

Psychoanalyzing Your Fiction

The mystery/suspense/thriller genre naturally lends itself to some very creepy characters. As my beta readers have told me recently, Stay of Execution is much darker than my first novel (and creepier). A Guilty Mind was meant to be a psychological mystery and as such, it was very focused on one of the protagonists, George, allContinue reading “Psychoanalyzing Your Fiction”

The Idea Behind the Hybrid Author Website

Okay. So, I’ve already written a couple of times that I believed I needed an official author website in addition to a writing/author blog.  My blog, started in January of 2012, was titled The Dog Ate My Novel (a nod to all the questions from friends and family as to WHEN my first novel wouldContinue reading “The Idea Behind the Hybrid Author Website”

When You Need to Be a Social Media Drop-out

I love summer. I love the kids being home from school. I love the weather. I love that the pace slows down. But early summer for me this year will be busy. I have a deadline. I need to get Stay of Execution to my editor the first week of July. And as of today,Continue reading “When You Need to Be a Social Media Drop-out”