Is Your Goal to Create a Traditional Literary Career?

This is a question I think many self-published authors wrestle with. For some, the answer is a definite yes. For others, particularly those that denounce traditional publishing, the answer is a resounding no. But for most of us, including myself, I don’t really know. Publishing as an industry is changing not just for authors butContinue reading “Is Your Goal to Create a Traditional Literary Career?”

Add Father of Self-Publishing to the List

I recently read a great article titled “14 Lessons From Benjamin Franklin About Getting What You Want In Life” on Business Insider. It was written by freelance writer, Thea Easterly, for a BI blog called Most know that Benjamin Franklin was not only an inventor but also an avid reader and writer. Certainly heContinue reading “Add Father of Self-Publishing to the List”

Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?

I recently read the book, ONE SUMMER, by David Baldacci. Now, there are many reasons to admire and like Mr. Baldacci. Of course, he is a first class thriller writer and I have enjoyed his work since the stunning book, ABSOLUTE POWER.   I also liked the CAMEL CLUB series and the Sean King/Michelle Maxwell books.Continue reading “Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?”

Straight to E-book?

I recently read a post from a writer that her next novel was going straight to e-book format. She believed this was good news for her readers and I can’t disagree. However, it was unclear to me whether this book was to be self-published or simply a strategy being used by her publishing company. ThisContinue reading “Straight to E-book?”

Who Do You Write Like?

Recently, an agent asked me about the writing style of my psychological mystery, A GUILTY MIND, or more specifically, “Who did I write like?” This is a question I think many writers struggle with, particularly because we all think we’re unique. Still, I understood where he was coming from and I’d heard the question aContinue reading “Who Do You Write Like?”