The Grateful Month

During the month of November, we tend to go on a bit more about why we are grateful and what we are grateful for than we usually would. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In truth, sometimes we all need a little reminder to be grateful and if the month of November prompts thoseContinue reading “The Grateful Month”

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…

As a long-time Amazon shopper, I don’t hesitate to check out the reviews, Amazon recommendations, and that helpful category, “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…”. When I first published A Guilty Mind, this category was empty. I can’t remember when the category started to fill up, but I do know it was incredibly satisfying.Continue reading “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…”

Published: A Guilty Mind

Well, it’s done. Although A Guilty Mind has technically been available for several days (a few snags with the linking, etc. kept it under wraps), today is officially my personally designated publication day! Hooray! So here is the announcement: A GUILTY MIND is available for sale on Amazon (of course), your handy IPad, Smashwords, BarnesContinue reading “Published: A Guilty Mind”

Just a Quick Publishing Thought…

The good news is I am oh so close to announcing publication. Woohoo! But…unfortunately, the delay is more about Amazon getting pages linked and creating “Look Inside” features, etc. than the publication itself. Nothing more is required of me as they work out a few kinks. Amazon informs me one issue can take a fewContinue reading “Just a Quick Publishing Thought…”

Are Paperbacks Necessary?

Most writers know that 2011 was a fantastic year for self-published writers, particularly in the world of e-books. Amazon sold millions of Kindles and aggressively marketed their programs for self-publishers. More importantly, readers bought the books! Even the large publishing houses seemed to recognize the importance of e-books and undiscovered writers (the Amanda Hocking story).Continue reading “Are Paperbacks Necessary?”