And the Book Club Tour Rolls On…

Today, in particular, I feel especially grateful. First, I left my desk this morning to attend a Veteran’s Day Assembly (my son was playing the drums) and it’s always a treat. Although this is hardly my first year attending this assembly, I well up every single time (oh, yes, I am very sappy). There isContinue reading “And the Book Club Tour Rolls On…”

As an Author, Why I love Book Club

Book Clubs, especially since Oprah, drive not only book sales but an enduring love of books. After all, how many books have you read that you might not have otherwise if it weren’t for your book club? Sure, sometimes you don’t love the selection but other times, you find something really great and maybe evenContinue reading “As an Author, Why I love Book Club”

Summer Reading (Update 2)

As summer draws to a close (officially ending September 21st), I can also say my summer reading is about complete. I can’t say I read every book I had on my original wish list, however, I liked the way I got sidetracked. Except for one misstep, it was all good. So, what didn’t I finish?Continue reading “Summer Reading (Update 2)”

Summer Reading (Update 1)

First, I will apologize for being MIA for a month. Family circumstances throughout most of June kept me from my computer, my blog, and my book. This was followed by a much-needed vacation with the entire Murphy clan. As a result, my timeline for publication of A GUILTY MIND has been altered slightly (that’s life!) but I’mContinue reading “Summer Reading (Update 1)”

Fifty Shades of Book Clubs

Several of the book clubs in my area have already or are in the process of reading E.L. James’ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. My own book club has not selected it but a few members have been reading it. Although I haven’t read the book and can’t offer a review, it’s the opinions surrounding itContinue reading “Fifty Shades of Book Clubs”