Book Launch Success

Last night was my “official” book launch party. It was complete with food, beverages, books for sales, and a signing. It was really all I’d hoped it would be. So lucky that so many people came out. I sold all the books on hand and took orders for many more. All in all I wouldContinue reading “Book Launch Success”

A little of this, a little of CreateSpace

Getting a manuscript ready for publishing is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not (unless, of course, you pay someone else to do it for you – not a bad idea now that I think about it). But what it really takes is patience (a lot), a large bottle of Advil, and theContinue reading “A little of this, a little of CreateSpace”

Just a Quick Publishing Thought…

The good news is I am oh so close to announcing publication. Woohoo! But…unfortunately, the delay is more about Amazon getting pages linked and creating “Look Inside” features, etc. than the publication itself. Nothing more is required of me as they work out a few kinks. Amazon informs me one issue can take a fewContinue reading “Just a Quick Publishing Thought…”

Can You Really Tell a Book by It’s Cover?

Every forum you read and every bit of advice you get as an author is that the cover of your book (whether in print or digital form) is very important. Not just very important but REALLY, REALLY important. Why? Because apparently in the publishing world today, where there are more authors and more books thanContinue reading “Can You Really Tell a Book by It’s Cover?”

Oh, I Have a Headache Now…

The process of taking a book from a word processing format to one that is PDF ready for CreateSpace sounds simple enough, however, I’ve come to realize that these things rarely go as planned. If you doubt me, just take a few minutes to check out the community forums on the CreateSpace website. It’s loadedContinue reading “Oh, I Have a Headache Now…”

Formatting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

As I attempt to format my novel for CreateSpace, I’m wondering if I need an autosave function in my Word files…so many changes and uh, mistakes. Of course, I have a version of my file that is “clean” and edited BUT it is not formatted appropriately for publication. I know it shouldn’t be a difficultContinue reading “Formatting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”