The Continuing Debate Over the Death of Books

This morning, I read Laura Miller’s article (see here) on the future of print books and the survival of traditional publishing. She referenced Evan Hughes’ story in Wired magazine, “Book Publishers Scramble to Rewrite Their Future”. While she believed his story was factually correct, she disagreed with his interpretation that traditional publishers could be up a creek.Continue reading “The Continuing Debate Over the Death of Books”

More Book Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Facebook about a gift certificate towards advertising with them. Hmmm. I hadn’t taken the idea of advertising with FB seriously as I don’t usually click on ads very often. But I had recently met with an established author who mentioned that his publicist believed inContinue reading “More Book Marketing”

Book Marketing 101 (or Places to Start)

To be very clear, I have no previous experience with marketing other than a couple of classes I took in college more years ago than anyone needs to know. However, I”m getting that experience now – slowly but surely. Some I’ve learned the right way and some not so much. Either way, I want toContinue reading “Book Marketing 101 (or Places to Start)”

Inspiration Comes in All Forms

Since publishing A Guilty Mind, I’ve been fortunate to be the guest speaker at several book clubs. One of the most popular questions is always, “Where do you get your ideas?” Of course, this is subjective for each writer and although I try to answer the question honestly, I’m not sure I satisfy those asking.Continue reading “Inspiration Comes in All Forms”

Amazon and the Great Big Wide World of Publishing

I recently read an article in a magazine lamenting the “defection” of a name author from traditional publishing to the industry killer, Amazon. Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly. No one referred to Amazon as a killer and the name author is not technically self-publishing but instead going with Amazon’s publishing arm, Thomas & Mercer. But theContinue reading “Amazon and the Great Big Wide World of Publishing”

Editing Honesty

My niece and her book club recently read a self-published novel written by a member of their church. The group was excited to read the book and show their support for their friend. My niece said the writer described the book as “gentle fiction” (I don’t really know what that is but will assume it’s Christian fiction?)Continue reading “Editing Honesty”