The Art of the Short Chapter

As both a writer and a reader, short chapters are a win-win. I read many genres but no matter what I’m reading (mystery, thriller, drama, chick-lit, etc.), the short chapter fits my schedule. If I have extra time, I can read JUST ONE MORE and just one more and just one more… If not, IContinue reading “The Art of the Short Chapter”

A Writer of Many Genres: Guest Post by Vicki Taylor

Over the last year, I have written a few times about genres: how to define them, how to classify your own writing, and even what might happen when established authors try their hands at something new. I love reading and writing genre fiction which I believe is one of the greatest sources of entertainment everContinue reading “A Writer of Many Genres: Guest Post by Vicki Taylor”

Fifty Shades of Book Clubs

Several of the book clubs in my area have already or are in the process of reading E.L. James’ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. My own book club has not selected it but a few members have been reading it. Although I haven’t read the book and can’t offer a review, it’s the opinions surrounding itContinue reading “Fifty Shades of Book Clubs”

If the Genre Fits…

“What type of book do you write?” It sounds like an easy question, right? “Romance.” “Thriller.” “Science Fiction.” All genres that bring to mind specific types of books. However, many genres crossover and most have sub-genres so whether you are tagging your book for an agent query or a self-published e-book, it’s not as easyContinue reading “If the Genre Fits…”