Is Reading in Your Genre Good or Bad for You?

An agent once asked me what kind of books I read. Slightly unsure what he was looking for, I hesitated a moment, then told him the truth. I like many genres, fiction and non-fiction. Then I rattled off a few titles I had finished recently including THE SNOWMAN by Joe Nesbo, LIFE by Keith Richards,Continue reading “Is Reading in Your Genre Good or Bad for You?”

Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?

I recently read the book, ONE SUMMER, by David Baldacci. Now, there are many reasons to admire and like Mr. Baldacci. Of course, he is a first class thriller writer and I have enjoyed his work since the stunning book, ABSOLUTE POWER.   I also liked the CAMEL CLUB series and the Sean King/Michelle Maxwell books.Continue reading “Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?”