Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!

Stay of Execution was released in early March with no more fanfare than a blog post, Facebook announcement, tweet, and a few emails to friends. I didn’t build up anticipation with a cover reveal or “almost here” posts. The truth is, I was consumed with getting the book published. And while I thought often of my marketingContinue reading “Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!”

Publishing Predictions in Hindsight

We’re now more than a quarter into 2013 and already there have been some significant changes and shifts in the publishing world. Barnes & Noble has been at the top of that list, first with the buy-back and now with their latest announcement that they have revamped Pub-It. Amazon, too, has made some changes includingContinue reading “Publishing Predictions in Hindsight”

Is Shelfari Good for Authors?

I am normally a fan of most things Amazon. The service is (overall) great and I’m not just speaking about ordering and publishing books. In fact, during the holidays, I spend way too much time with Amazon. Even so, I’m not sure how I feel yet about their newish “book community” site, Shelfari. For oneContinue reading “Is Shelfari Good for Authors?”

Book Marketing 201

I recently attended a book club where one of the members had a niece who was a successful YA author. She is traditionally published and is able to write full-time. I say congratulations to her!!! Because she has had some success, her publisher arranges signings and readings and presumably, handles some advertising. However, she mustContinue reading “Book Marketing 201”

Oh, Where Did the Time Go? It’s A Giveaway nearly Goneaway!

At the end of November, I entered A Guilty Mind in a book giveaway on Goodreads. How an author structures their giveaway is up to them. You determine the number of books, how long the giveaway will last, and you can even advertise  that the books will be autographed. (I still haven’t gotten used toContinue reading “Oh, Where Did the Time Go? It’s A Giveaway nearly Goneaway!”

Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!

Tis the season! No matter which holiday you celebrate, books are such a favorite gift for any reader so… I’m thrilled to be promoting my novel, A Guilty Mind, on Goodreads as a holiday gift. I will be giving away 5 copies – entries will be taken until December 15th. Goodreads will select the winnersContinue reading “Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!”