More Book Giving Gift Ideas

Although I am personally way behind on my holiday shopping, I really want to recommend a few more books as gifts to readers who are always looking for something new or different. Today, I am focusing on some hometown writers that I admire and hope you will check them out either for the holidays orContinue reading “More Book Giving Gift Ideas”

Gifting Books is a Holiday Tradition

I can’t remember a holiday season when I didn’t find at least one book (or two or three) under the tree or in my stocking. My family knows how I feel about reading!But I also love to give books. So, because I am always racking my brain for great gifts (or at least ones thatContinue reading “Gifting Books is a Holiday Tradition”

Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!

Tis the season! No matter which holiday you celebrate, books are such a favorite gift for any reader so… I’m thrilled to be promoting my novel, A Guilty Mind, on Goodreads as a holiday gift. I will be giving away 5 copies – entries will be taken until December 15th. Goodreads will select the winnersContinue reading “Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!”