Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication

Last weekend, the Central Virginia chapter of Sisters in Crime and a local library put on an event that was geared toward writers looking to get published. I was thrilled to be on the panel that spoke and answered questions. Of course, I know my own story, but what was interesting to me was howContinue reading “Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication”

Rejection: Not a Dirty Word

I keep coming across rejection lately. I don’t mean from a personal point of view, but rather, the idea of rejection seems to be #trending (ha ha!). Actually, I’ve been seeing it pop up in articles and tweets, and most recently, at a local Writing Show (put on by the James River Writers) where anContinue reading “Rejection: Not a Dirty Word”

Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?

Many writers I know are currently seeking an agent, love their agent, or at the very least, tolerate the one they have. Not many would intentionally try to lose their agent. And most agents are not looking to lose good writers. But that relationship is like any other – complicated. So how can a writerContinue reading “Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?”

Psychoanalyzing Your Fiction

The mystery/suspense/thriller genre naturally lends itself to some very creepy characters. As my beta readers have told me recently, Stay of Execution is much darker than my first novel (and creepier). A Guilty Mind was meant to be a psychological mystery and as such, it was very focused on one of the protagonists, George, allContinue reading “Psychoanalyzing Your Fiction”

Book Trailers: A Link to Some Basics

I recently had the opportunity to attend a session for writers introducing the basics of book trailers. Richmond is home to a growing writing community and is also home to the James River Writers (JRW), a great organization that hosts an annual conference, writers’ workshops, master writing classes, and more. Every month, they also hostContinue reading “Book Trailers: A Link to Some Basics”

Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??

I am fortunate to live in a mid-size city where a group of writers decided to create a hands-on, active writing community. Those adventurous souls founded the James River Writers several years ago. This group hosts an annual writers’ conference with authors, agents, editors, and publishers. (I have seen some fantastic speakers there). They alsoContinue reading “Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??”