Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication

Last weekend, the Central Virginia chapter of Sisters in Crime and a local library put on an event that was geared toward writers looking to get published. I was thrilled to be on the panel that spoke and answered questions. Of course, I know my own story, but what was interesting to me was howContinue reading “Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication”

Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?

Many writers I know are currently seeking an agent, love their agent, or at the very least, tolerate the one they have. Not many would intentionally try to lose their agent. And most agents are not looking to lose good writers. But that relationship is like any other – complicated. So how can a writerContinue reading “Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?”

Is Your Goal to Create a Traditional Literary Career?

This is a question I think many self-published authors wrestle with. For some, the answer is a definite yes. For others, particularly those that denounce traditional publishing, the answer is a resounding no. But for most of us, including myself, I don’t really know. Publishing as an industry is changing not just for authors butContinue reading “Is Your Goal to Create a Traditional Literary Career?”

Publishing Outside the Box

Although I haven’t posted recently (a freelance deadline I just hit today!), I have been thinking long and hard about my decision to self-publish. About a month ago, I mentioned to a friend I was frustrated by the query process. She murmured her sympathy and in an effort to test the waters, I confessed IContinue reading “Publishing Outside the Box”

Your Manuscript and The Home Edit

Every writer needs an editor. That is a fact and not open to discussion. But what sometimes gets lost in the desire to get published is the need for pre-editing or what I refer to as “The Home Edit”. When you complete a manuscript and you’ve typed in the very last word, you should absolutelyContinue reading “Your Manuscript and The Home Edit”

If the Genre Fits…

“What type of book do you write?” It sounds like an easy question, right? “Romance.” “Thriller.” “Science Fiction.” All genres that bring to mind specific types of books. However, many genres crossover and most have sub-genres so whether you are tagging your book for an agent query or a self-published e-book, it’s not as easyContinue reading “If the Genre Fits…”