Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication

Last weekend, the Central Virginia chapter of Sisters in Crime and a local library put on an event that was geared toward writers looking to get published. I was thrilled to be on the panel that spoke and answered questions. Of course, I know my own story, but what was interesting to me was howContinue reading “Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication”

What’s in a Name: What to do when the title of your new novel is already taken?

The title of a book can do so many things. Most importantly, it can attract readers. Sometimes the title alone can make you read the summary and hopefully, buy the book. A bad or strange title can also make you skip over that book entirely. I mean, Yellow Foam might be a great thriller, butContinue reading “What’s in a Name: What to do when the title of your new novel is already taken?”

When You Need to Be a Social Media Drop-out

I love summer. I love the kids being home from school. I love the weather. I love that the pace slows down. But early summer for me this year will be busy. I have a deadline. I need to get Stay of Execution to my editor the first week of July. And as of today,Continue reading “When You Need to Be a Social Media Drop-out”

Ongoing Debates: Book Reviews and Digital vs. Print

Today I have the honor of appearing on two blogs, both great resources for writers. Gina’s Library is a big supporter of books and authors. She works with both individual authors  and organized book blog tours. That’s a big task and one that is sincerely appreciated. Today, I am appearing on her blog to answerContinue reading “Ongoing Debates: Book Reviews and Digital vs. Print”

Blogging and Book Selling: Hand in Hand or Mutually Exclusive?

Claude Nougat is discussing this subject today over at The Wanderings of a Curious Mind and he is conducting a poll. If you get the opportunity, head over and participate. I think most of us are of the same opinion, but the results could be interesting. My thoughts:  There are many camps out there insistingContinue reading “Blogging and Book Selling: Hand in Hand or Mutually Exclusive?”

Publishing Predictions in Hindsight

We’re now more than a quarter into 2013 and already there have been some significant changes and shifts in the publishing world. Barnes & Noble has been at the top of that list, first with the buy-back and now with their latest announcement that they have revamped Pub-It. Amazon, too, has made some changes includingContinue reading “Publishing Predictions in Hindsight”