Favorite Line Fridays

“But maybe every life looked wonderful if all you saw was the photo albums.” Liane Moriarty, WHAT ALICE FORGOT Ahhhh…this quote has so many meanings. There is the obvious and how it applies to our lives and our children’s lives: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…Is life always as amazing as it appears?  Why do we judge someone’sContinue reading “Favorite Line Fridays”

Favorite Line Fridays – It was cool outside this morning and just because…

This morning, I stepped outside to cool air and sunshine and leaves beginning to turn. The weekends are now football and friends and firepits.  As sad as I am to see summer come to an end, fall is a new beginning. My favorite line this Friday was so easy.  And besides, I love F. ScottContinue reading “Favorite Line Fridays – It was cool outside this morning and just because…”

Favorite Line Fridays – The Nightingale

In this edition of Favorite Line Fridays, I’m going back to 2015’s THE NIGHTINGALE. I’m not sure I know anyone who read that lovely book and wasn’t a fan. It stayed with me long after I’d finished it and even now, I would happily read it again. Like so many other readers, I raced throughContinue reading “Favorite Line Fridays – The Nightingale”

Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!

Tis the season! No matter which holiday you celebrate, books are such a favorite gift for any reader so… I’m thrilled to be promoting my novel, A Guilty Mind, on Goodreads as a holiday gift. I will be giving away 5 copies – entries will be taken until December 15th. Goodreads will select the winnersContinue reading “Don’t be a Humbug -It’s Book Giving Season!”

Summer Reading (Update 1)

First, I will apologize for being MIA for a month. Family circumstances throughout most of June kept me from my computer, my blog, and my book. This was followed by a much-needed vacation with the entire Murphy clan. As a result, my timeline for publication of A GUILTY MIND has been altered slightly (that’s life!) but I’mContinue reading “Summer Reading (Update 1)”

Is Reading in Your Genre Good or Bad for You?

An agent once asked me what kind of books I read. Slightly unsure what he was looking for, I hesitated a moment, then told him the truth. I like many genres, fiction and non-fiction. Then I rattled off a few titles I had finished recently including THE SNOWMAN by Joe Nesbo, LIFE by Keith Richards,Continue reading “Is Reading in Your Genre Good or Bad for You?”