Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)

Stay of Execution, the second Cancini mystery, is officially published. (Hooray!) Yes, it’s finally out there in the world and I could not be happier. Still, if I’m being totally honest, I’d hoped to write this post in 2013 (crazy in retrospect) but certainly in 2014. I had the storyline roughly plotted and thousands andContinue reading “Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)”

Is Advertising Part of Your Book Selling Strategy?

As an independent author, you probably don’t have a large advertising budget or a publicity firm working to get you an appearance on the Today show (although that would be nice). Most writers will plunge the money allotted for publication into hiring a professional editor and a creative book cover designer. Some may even hireContinue reading “Is Advertising Part of Your Book Selling Strategy?”

Are Virtual Book Tours Critical to Your Book Sales?

In truth, I’m on the fence on this. I have been doing a little research on the subject as many authors do blog tours and guest posts for much-needed publicity. I’ve done a bit myself but I’m not sure yet how sizable the benefit is. That is not to say any and all publicity isContinue reading “Are Virtual Book Tours Critical to Your Book Sales?”

Published: A Guilty Mind

Well, it’s done. Although A Guilty Mind has technically been available for several days (a few snags with the linking, etc. kept it under wraps), today is officially my personally designated publication day! Hooray! So here is the announcement: A GUILTY MIND is available for sale on Amazon (of course), your handy IPad, Smashwords, BarnesContinue reading “Published: A Guilty Mind”