Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication

Last weekend, the Central Virginia chapter of Sisters in Crime and a local library put on an event that was geared toward writers looking to get published. I was thrilled to be on the panel that spoke and answered questions. Of course, I know my own story, but what was interesting to me was howContinue reading “Talking About (the many) Pathways to Publication”

A New Publishing Adventure Begins

I’ll get right to the point. My Detective Cancini Mystery series has been picked up by Witness Impulse, an imprint of Harper Collins. It’s been in the works for a few months, but until now, I haven’t been ready to make the announcement. (I don’t really know what I was waiting for, but now feels right).Continue reading “A New Publishing Adventure Begins”


Author DA Bale is soon to release her THIRD book in the Deepest Darkness series (I love series writers!). Set for release on July 1st, it can be pre-ordered beginning Friday, May 1st. DA’s first book in the series was released in 2011. Very excited for her that the series continues to grow and expandContinue reading “DA Bale: Cover Reveal for RISING FROM THE DARKNESS”

Rejection: Not a Dirty Word

I keep coming across rejection lately. I don’t mean from a personal point of view, but rather, the idea of rejection seems to be #trending (ha ha!). Actually, I’ve been seeing it pop up in articles and tweets, and most recently, at a local Writing Show (put on by the James River Writers) where anContinue reading “Rejection: Not a Dirty Word”

Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!

Stay of Execution was released in early March with no more fanfare than a blog post, Facebook announcement, tweet, and a few emails to friends. I didn’t build up anticipation with a cover reveal or “almost here” posts. The truth is, I was consumed with getting the book published. And while I thought often of my marketingContinue reading “Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!”

Self-Printed Splash (With Prizes!!!)

I’ve written in the past about how I’m a huge fan of Catherine Ryan Howard’s book, SELF-PRINTED. And like many other writers, I’m also a fan of her blog. I wish I could say I found her on my own but that would be untrue. I had spent some time shopping my novel A GUILTYContinue reading “Self-Printed Splash (With Prizes!!!)”