Favorite Line Fridays (On Wednesday!!!)

"Regina had torn down the old house with its tin roof and charming porch and built--well, Lillian didn't really know what it was. The outside was pink, the color of that horrible medicine. It had king-sized double doors, Mediterranean arches, and dozens and dozens of lights. They came on like clockwork every night, the glare blinding. She'd often thought it was a wonder they couldn't see that house lit up clear to Charleston." #deadlycharm #southernfiction #mystery #suspense #SinCnational #LethalLadiesCVA #SinCCentralVA #shortstories #anthology


Ahh. Something new - at least to me. Although I've been working hard on getting the final formatting of my novel just right for CreateSpace, I decided to dip my toe in the water of FictionPress.com. What intrigues me about this site is the potential feedback writers can get on their work. I've uploaded only …