A Paperback Writer and the Summer of Stephen King

I am officially a paperback writer (don’t you just want to sing the Beatles tune right now?).  July 27th (Today!) is the paperback release date of A GUILTY MIND. The ebook was released June 14th, but today I’m a paperback writer. Sort of… I love looking at it. I love holding it. Ebooks are wonderful and IContinue reading “A Paperback Writer and the Summer of Stephen King”

Rejection: Not a Dirty Word

I keep coming across rejection lately. I don’t mean from a personal point of view, but rather, the idea of rejection seems to be #trending (ha ha!). Actually, I’ve been seeing it pop up in articles and tweets, and most recently, at a local Writing Show (put on by the James River Writers) where anContinue reading “Rejection: Not a Dirty Word”

Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!

Stay of Execution was released in early March with no more fanfare than a blog post, Facebook announcement, tweet, and a few emails to friends. I didn’t build up anticipation with a cover reveal or “almost here” posts. The truth is, I was consumed with getting the book published. And while I thought often of my marketingContinue reading “Let’s Get This Party Started (aka the Soft-Approach Media Blitz)!”

An Award from a Friend

The greatest thing about blogging is the friends you make who share some of your same interests and passions. Another is being able to tell one of the friends you like what they do. I want to thank Yawatta Hosby for singling me out and giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. The rules areContinue reading “An Award from a Friend”