When Real Life Gets in the Way

Today I have a freelance deadline looming, the kids’ activities are overwhelming, and I can’t find the time to work on my second novel. At the same time, I’m working with an editor and planning the publication of A GUILTY MIND. Please don’t think I’m complaining – I’m not. In fact, I understand for mostContinue reading “When Real Life Gets in the Way”

Your Manuscript and The Home Edit

Every writer needs an editor. That is a fact and not open to discussion. But what sometimes gets lost in the desire to get published is the need for pre-editing or what I refer to as “The Home Edit”. When you complete a manuscript and you’ve typed in the very last word, you should absolutelyContinue reading “Your Manuscript and The Home Edit”

Writing, Motivation, and Exercise

Sometimes, writing is like going to the gym. The end result is you feel great but getting there, whether to the gym or sitting with hands poised over the keyboard, is the hard part. It’s so easy to make excuses and believe me, I can come up with some doozies (even after I’ve exhausted theContinue reading “Writing, Motivation, and Exercise”