Sweet Beginnings and Grateful Endings

As November comes to a close and we slip into the busiest month of the year, there is much to be grateful for. One of my favorite things last month was the opportunity to speak about my books to the 5400 Club of the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center. While the focus ofContinue reading “Sweet Beginnings and Grateful Endings”

Sometimes your writing is like leftovers…better the next day.

I love chili and stew and all things soup. While I often make them from scratch, they are also a great vehicle for leftovers. I don’t know about you, but to me, leftovers always taste better the next day. Lately, I’ve been thinking the same thing about my writing. I’ve been on a roll – writingContinue reading “Sometimes your writing is like leftovers…better the next day.”

Is it Writer’s Block if it’s Just Bad?

When I sat down to work on a chapter in my new novel the other day, I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say, of the action I saw in my mind, and the attitude of my protagonist. Yet, when I began to type, the words didn’t feel right. IContinue reading “Is it Writer’s Block if it’s Just Bad?”