Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)

Stay of Execution, the second Cancini mystery, is officially published. (Hooray!) Yes, it’s finally out there in the world and I could not be happier. Still, if I’m being totally honest, I’d hoped to write this post in 2013 (crazy in retrospect) but certainly in 2014. I had the storyline roughly plotted and thousands andContinue reading “Stay of Execution: A Done Deal (Hooray!)”

Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?

Many writers I know are currently seeking an agent, love their agent, or at the very least, tolerate the one they have. Not many would intentionally try to lose their agent. And most agents are not looking to lose good writers. But that relationship is like any other – complicated. So how can a writerContinue reading “Ever Wondered How to LOSE an Agent?”

Don’t Panic: Help to Maintain Your Editing Sanity

Unless you’ve chosen editing as your profession, you probably find editing a chore. I know I do. Is it necessary? Oh, yeah. As I go through the process, I find that some chapters are pretty good (yeah!), some need some work (time-consuming), and some are banished altogether (sometimes painful). Paragraphs get moved. Chapters get moved.Continue reading “Don’t Panic: Help to Maintain Your Editing Sanity”

It’s Not a Race: How do you edit your Manuscript?

Is there is anything more thrilling than typing the words, “The End”? Well, of course there is, but we don’t need to get into it. Still, as writers, we know typing those important words ranks pretty high. But, ironically, typing “The End” is only the beginning. Then come the endless rounds of editing. Since I amContinue reading “It’s Not a Race: How do you edit your Manuscript?”

Interview with DA Bale

Although I’ve been on hiatus for a bit, I am so glad I had already scheduled this interview with DA Bale, the author of a three-part thriller series (thank you, DA!). The first novel, Running Into the Darkness, introduces the reader to Samantha. I must admit that I liked her right from the beginning. TheContinue reading “Interview with DA Bale”

Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??

I am fortunate to live in a mid-size city where a group of writers decided to create a hands-on, active writing community. Those adventurous souls founded the James River Writers several years ago. This group hosts an annual writers’ conference with authors, agents, editors, and publishers. (I have seen some fantastic speakers there). They alsoContinue reading “Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??”