More Book Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Facebook about a gift certificate towards advertising with them. Hmmm. I hadn’t taken the idea of advertising with FB seriously as I don’t usually click on ads very often. But I had recently met with an established author who mentioned that his publicist believed inContinue reading “More Book Marketing”

Interview With M.C.V. Egan: The Bridge of Deaths and Co-writing

M.C.V. Egan is the author of THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS and the forthcoming 4COVERT2OVERT IN 33 DAYS. Midwest Book Review called THE BRIDE OF DEATHS “an unusual yet much recommended read.” I just love the title as well as the fact that THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS is inspired by true life events and filled with references to those events.Continue reading “Interview With M.C.V. Egan: The Bridge of Deaths and Co-writing”

Baby Grand: Interview With Dina Santorelli

Even before Dina Santorelli published BABY GRAND, she was already an accomplished writer and editor. Last year, she published her debut novel, BABY GRAND, a fast-paced thriller, beautifully written with strong characters and surprising twists. (Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of reading the book and loved it.) I’m truly amazed at how she accomplishes soContinue reading “Baby Grand: Interview With Dina Santorelli”

Book Marketing 201

I recently attended a book club where one of the members had a niece who was a successful YA author. She is traditionally published and is able to write full-time. I say congratulations to her!!! Because she has had some success, her publisher arranges signings and readings and presumably, handles some advertising. However, she mustContinue reading “Book Marketing 201”

A Writer of Many Genres: Guest Post by Vicki Taylor

Over the last year, I have written a few times about genres: how to define them, how to classify your own writing, and even what might happen when established authors try their hands at something new. I love reading and writing genre fiction which I believe is one of the greatest sources of entertainment everContinue reading “A Writer of Many Genres: Guest Post by Vicki Taylor”

Author Bio Repair?

I recently came across and tweeted about a post I found on the site, Where Writers Win, entitled Six Tips to Crafting a Better Author Bio: Write a Life Story Worth Reading.  One quote from the writer, Steve Piacente, really struck home. The quote was, “It always baffles me when writers creative enough to craftContinue reading “Author Bio Repair?”