If the Genre Fits…

“What type of book do you write?” It sounds like an easy question, right? “Romance.” “Thriller.” “Science Fiction.” All genres that bring to mind specific types of books. However, many genres crossover and most have sub-genres so whether you are tagging your book for an agent query or a self-published e-book, it’s not as easyContinue reading “If the Genre Fits…”

More on E-books vs. Printed Books

As I wrote in an earlier post Are Paperbacks Necessary?, I like the idea of self-publishing both in e-book and printed form. While it is mostly a personal preference, there are others out there who seem to agree. For more on this subject, check out the latest post on IndieReader – Are We Suffering from E-ReaderContinue reading “More on E-books vs. Printed Books”

Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?

I recently read the book, ONE SUMMER, by David Baldacci. Now, there are many reasons to admire and like Mr. Baldacci. Of course, he is a first class thriller writer and I have enjoyed his work since the stunning book, ABSOLUTE POWER.   I also liked the CAMEL CLUB series and the Sean King/Michelle Maxwell books.Continue reading “Can Writers be Genre Stereotyped?”

Writing, Motivation, and Exercise

Sometimes, writing is like going to the gym. The end result is you feel great but getting there, whether to the gym or sitting with hands poised over the keyboard, is the hard part. It’s so easy to make excuses and believe me, I can come up with some doozies (even after I’ve exhausted theContinue reading “Writing, Motivation, and Exercise”