Self-Printed Splash (With Prizes!!!)

I’ve written in the past about how I’m a huge fan of Catherine Ryan Howard’s book, SELF-PRINTED. And like many other writers, I’m also a fan of her blog. I wish I could say I found her on my own but that would be untrue. I had spent some time shopping my novel A GUILTYContinue reading “Self-Printed Splash (With Prizes!!!)”

The Idea Behind the Hybrid Author Website

Okay. So, I’ve already written a couple of times that I believed I needed an official author website in addition to a writing/author blog.  My blog, started in January of 2012, was titled The Dog Ate My Novel (a nod to all the questions from friends and family as to WHEN my first novel wouldContinue reading “The Idea Behind the Hybrid Author Website”