And the Book Club Tour Rolls On…

Today, in particular, I feel especially grateful. First, I left my desk this morning to attend a Veteran’s Day Assembly (my son was playing the drums) and it’s always a treat. Although this is hardly my first year attending this assembly, I well up every single time (oh, yes, I am very sappy). There is just something about having the Veteran’s stand up to be acknowledged whenever the band plays the march for their service branch that gets to me. Great men and women. Happy Veteran’s Day to All!

Second, I am thrilled to be doing my mini-book club tour (5 clubs in a month!). I spoke at a club in Northern Virginia last night and will attend another one tonight here in my hometown of Richmond. I love meeting the readers and REALLY love answering their questions. Last week brought me a very special book club meeting. My own club, the Sleepy Hollow Book Club, had selected my book. Although some of the original members had read an early draft, several members were new to the club and some wanted to read it again in it’s final form. So, we met last week to discuss the book. To my wonderful surprise, they treated me like a princess with a cake and a signed and framed print of my book cover. As you can imagine, grateful doesn’t begin to cover how I felt. I love them all!

All book clubs are special and I have enjoyed every single one I’ve been to in the last several weeks. As a writer and reader, I know and cherish book clubs. I am planning a second book club tour after the holidays and already have one scheduled in February.  Until then, thank you to all the clubs who selected my book and invited me into their circle to talk about A Guilty Mind. I am very lucky.

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  1. Hello Kellie. I am so glad you found me! I am following your blog now and I have ordered your book via Amazon. I love it that you visit books clubs and that you are in Virginia. 🙂

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