Favorite Line Fridays – The Nightingale

In this edition of Favorite Line Fridays, I’m going back to 2015’s THE NIGHTINGALE. I’m not sure I know anyone who read that lovely book and wasn’t a fan. It stayed with me long after I’d finished it and even now, I would happily read it again. Like so many other readers, I raced throughContinue reading “Favorite Line Fridays – The Nightingale”

Writing and Superstitions

When I can’t find my trusty red pen, another red pen just won’t do. In that moment, I’m convinced I need THAT pen and I may even waste several minutes – okay, a half hour – to find it. Silly? Yes, but fortunately, most of my superstitions are only temporary. The pen will run out of ink eventuallyContinue reading “Writing and Superstitions”

Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??

I am fortunate to live in a mid-size city where a group of writers decided to create a hands-on, active writing community. Those adventurous souls founded the James River Writers several years ago. This group hosts an annual writers’ conference with authors, agents, editors, and publishers. (I have seen some fantastic speakers there). They alsoContinue reading “Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??”

Quick Book Selling Fix-Its (For Anytime)

Like many writers, I take the time to comb forums and learn about the business beyond writing itself. Recently, Mark Coker of Smashwords posted Six Tips to Bring Your Book Back From the Doldrums – Reading the Reader Tea Leaves. All of his advice is good but most of it – although not all – canContinue reading “Quick Book Selling Fix-Its (For Anytime)”

Book Marketing 101 (or Places to Start)

To be very clear, I have no previous experience with marketing other than a couple of classes I took in college more years ago than anyone needs to know. However, I”m getting that experience now – slowly but surely. Some I’ve learned the right way and some not so much. Either way, I want toContinue reading “Book Marketing 101 (or Places to Start)”

Inspiration Comes in All Forms

Since publishing A Guilty Mind, I’ve been fortunate to be the guest speaker at several book clubs. One of the most popular questions is always, “Where do you get your ideas?” Of course, this is subjective for each writer and although I try to answer the question honestly, I’m not sure I satisfy those asking.Continue reading “Inspiration Comes in All Forms”