Do You Take Advantage of Your Writing Community??

I am fortunate to live in a mid-size city where a group of writers decided to create a hands-on, active writing community. Those adventurous souls founded the James River Writers several years ago. Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.42.09 PMThis group hosts an annual writers’ conference with authors, agents, editors, and publishers. (I have seen some fantastic speakers there). They also host writers’ workshops and a variety of other events. But the real benefit of what they’ve done is that others are also taking the initiative.

Last year, another local author created Celebrate With A Book to bring together local writers and let them showcase their work. The second Celebrate With A Book will take place this weekend and I am looking forward to being a part of it. In the spirit of the event, I wrote a guest blog for the event titled When It Comes to the End of a Book, What Does the Author Owe the Reader?

Also, this month I am speaking at an event as part of a fundraiser. 15 copies of my book and an evening with the author were auctioned off at a school fundraiser. That event has spawned interest from another nonprofit group. I am grateful to be able to help out all while spreading the word about my book.

Our blogs and social networks allow us all to participate in a vibrant and growing writing community. But do you know much about the writing community in your own home town? More importantly, are you a part of it?

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